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Welcome to our church’s website. We hope that you’ll browse around and take a look at who we are. We are a medium size United Methodist Church – small enough for folks to know each other, yet large enough to offer quality ministries. We’d love to welcome to you to worship held each Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

If you have further questions, feel free to call or e-mail. We are known as “the church on the hill” fully visible on the east side of Interstate 65 in Scottsburg. To reach us, turn south on Honeyrun Parkway by the Speedway Gas station. We’re just south of the Cracker Barrell. May God bless you in Jesus Christ.

-Pastor Valerie Wilson

  • Along with all United Methodists, we share a common heritage with Christians of every age and nation. This heritage is grounded in the apostolic witness to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, which is the source and measure of all Christian teaching.
  • We hold in common with all Christians a faith in the mystery of salvation in and through Jesus Christ.
  • We share the Christian belief that God’s redemptive love is realized in human life by the activity of the Holy Spirit, both in personal experience and in the community of believers.
  • We understand ourselves to be part of the universal church when by adoration, proclamation, and service we become conformed to Christ.
  • With other Christians we recognize the reign of God is both a present and future reality.
  • We share with many Christian communities a recognition of the authority of Scripture in matters of faith, the confession that our justification as sinners is by grace through faith, and the sober realization that the church is in need of continual reformation and renewal.
  • As United Methodists, firmly rooted in the teachings of John Wesley, we believe in “practical divinity,” the experiential realization of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the lives of Christian people.
  • As United Methodists, we believe in the histories creeds, The Nicene and The Apostles’ Creeds.


  • Toddler and Pre-Kindergarten: Held in Room 105, taught by John Martin. Study: Cokesbury
  • Kindergarten - Grade 5: Held in Room 103, taught by Janice Martin. Study: "Live B.I.G."
  • The G Peeps - Grades 6-12: Held in Room 111, taught by Kathy Dodds.
  • Homebuilders (Adults): Held in Room 205, taught by Maud Roy Gray. Study: Adult Bible Series
  • Friendship (Adults): Held at Burger King, taught by members. Study: Devotions
  • Upper Room (Adults): Held in Room 221, taught by Judy Johnson. Study: "Living The Extraordinary Life"


  • WORSHIP 9:30AM